I happen to be friends with Lots of healers. And I also mentor, treat and work with healers every day. You could say they’re my people.  And what I know is, they’re people who thrive on relationship, on sensing into and care-taking others. It’s where they shine.

And they often have dreams to have an easier life, one where their work supports them just as much as they support their clients. They often long for more comfort with money and with an ease of being in the spotlight.. or at least being found more easily and more often by the people they want to work with.

And you know what holds them back from doing that? 

The number one thing I see holding healers back from their vision of a better life is the fear of change. The fear of no longer belonging and being who they have been. Fear of getting bigger, fear of being seen. And no longer holding the same place in the fabric of relationships and things.

Because, if this is sounding a bit like yourself … what would happen if you shined “too bright”?

What would happen if you had “too much” or more than you need?

Or if you changed and didn’t know the next step because everything was new?


The fear of change, even if it’s what we most want, is one of the most common things that holds us back from going for our dreams.


Because when anybody starts to create a new life and become more of themselves inside of it, they’re going to experience a period of unknown-ness. Where perhaps they dont know themselves and others dont know them. A period where they no longer define themselves in the way they did before: “helper”, or “martyr” or “getting there”.. but can actually define themselves as “thriving”, “relaxed” and “Grateful”.

A healer creating an easier life, where they do what they love and are supported financially by it, is going to have to do things differently to how they did them before. (Otherwise, they would already have the results they are seeking). A healer creating a new life is going to have to change.

I see that the fear of change, of no longer belonging in the same way and becoming someone else, is often enough to stop someone taking decisive steps towards their dreams. It’s enough to subtly sabotage their attempts at promotions, at creating a really awesome website (rather than a “I ran out of inspiration” website). It’s enough, quite simply, to stop them showing up for themselves.


And, I actually see that healers are potentially incredibly well-equipt for this journey, and it’s all in the attitude.

Because, if as a healer, you’ve done your own inner work to get to the point you can guide your clients,… most likely you have the tools to face your feelings and not believe they are you.

When you see change as a game, and as a way to meet the infinite mystery, creating the structures for your ideal Healers website becomes something wild and alive. It becomes a way to meet yourself even deeper. But more to the point, it becomes a place you can test out who you can be and ask for more for yourself.

So, who would you Love to be?

I would love to hear what holds you back from shining in your place in the sun!


I help healers gracefully dance with change in Mentoring sessions and packages. You can see more details here.

Cause as we know, facing fears and becoming someone new takes courage and tenacity so the cities-of-old dont pull all your efforts down. If you would like some hand holding, guidance and cheer-leading,  please get in touch.

With love to your unfolding

x Amanda