Feel stuck in your marketing? Here’s why being yourself will help you do more of what you love, and get you some traction if you feel like you’re marketing to a saturated audience.

Does this sound like you?
You have a skill or modality you love but feel like you don’t stand out from the crowd,

It seems like everybody else is doing reiki or massage or coaching,

And you feel like the only way to bring in the clients is by dropping your prices, or going without them completely?

I see this a lot, especially when there is a lot of other people doing naturopathy or coaching in your area or online.

So, I’m going to share a simple tip in this video to help you stand out from the crowd and do more of what you love.

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What to do if you're marketing to a saturated audience

I’m passionate about helping healers do what they love to do.. help people and make people’s lives BETTER!

I’m passionate about supporting the empaths and sensitives of the world be rewarded well for their skills. The world really needs your sensitivity and skill and it needs you thriving!

So let’s get you online and working with your gorgeous clients!

I help you get your website, email and facebook platforms DONE.

I train you in Only the skills you need to be a successful marketer (and not all the palavar you dont need to know),

I help you connect with what you Love and let that be the guide for creating your marketing and online presence.

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Let’s get you Thriving!!

With zinging love,