Brain-Clear Sessions

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Sometimes all you need is a compassionate listening ear for your brain to switch on again




When you’re working online, creating your content or your marketing, sometimes brain fog and procrastination arrive and your brain just seizes up. Hours can be spent like this waiting for the fog to clear and motivation to come back again.

Brain science shows us that when we have a compassionate, listening ear, our brain synapses literally fire and wire better together. We shed chaotic or emotional thinking, drop down into the body and get our work done in less time with less brain fog and less stress.

Brain Clear Sessions
Brain Clear Sessions


Bounce ideas, shed upsets, receive guidance and mentoring to keep you on track.

Many healers tend to be “relationally” focussed. As you know, this means they work best with people. These short calls are here so you experience tangible support as you create something beautiful for your work and your clients, helping  you feel better in the process.



With the option to use these calls for laser-focussed coaching, it is so much easier to keep your eye and your actions moving towards your goals.

Brain Clear Sessions

“What impresses me the most about Amanda’s coaching is her ability to empathically get where you are and speak to your now. She offers coaching that relates to what you need in your life and leaves you with an action plan to move forward“​

Rod Williams

Rod's Rocking Research

“I have been having mini coaching calls with Amanda for many months now, and even though 20 minutes seems short and we always travel miles. No matter the theme, challenge or area of life I want to nurture or grow, she is right there with me; deeply listening, inviting and encouraging, offering her ever-present curiosity and pearls of wisdom


Lucia Light Practitioner

“I love my coaching calls with Amanda. She has the amazing gift to get past the surface layers and straight to the root cause. What I love best is her ability to after that gold is identified to embody a new way to get you moving in your life from that moment forward.”

Nin Dwala



These are 15-20min sessions to be used while you’re “getting stuff done” at home.

They can be a spill/empty-out rant to a compassionate listening ear, or they can be a coaching session to keep you on track with your vision.

Laser-focussed, on-the-ground support. They make ALL the difference.


3 x 20mins/$90

6 x 20mins/ $160


Give yourself the gift of clear thinking!