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Got a great therapists “thing-you-do” but no website to tell the world about it?

This Package will take you from little-to-no Online presence to a thriving

website and social media profile.


Let me show you how...


Whether you are freshly out of your training, or have been “in business” for years, this Mentoring and Done-For-You package is designed to DO FOR YOU the things that you don’t need to do, and to guide you powerfully through the process of embodying and creating your successful Therapy business online.      Because…


You don’t need to know how to set up a new website.


You dont need to know how to set up email automations or booking systems.

How to write code for a larger margin or what a domain name is.


You just need to know how to use it once it’s set up.


You don’t need to understand the whole world of marketing psychology,

but you Do need to know how to speak to your ideal client and how to

inspire them to work with you and get the results you love to see them getting.


And it helps a lot to understand the way people use online media.

Where to place your words and invitations, what images to use, where and when.




Since you’re here, Im guessing there’s a part of you that just wants to show up, finally, for your big vision for your life. And is looking for the right soul aligned, practical support to get there.

Yes, I created this is for you if …

You are a therapist, coach or healer who loves your work, loves to be with clients and knows you have a lot to offer.  You are sensitive and attuned to the worlds of energy, people come to you naturally because you care.

It excites you (and maybe scares you) to think of standing for your own, and your clients’ greatness and worth. 

And you have a vision for yourself, your clients and world that you’ve either been pushing to the background for years, or have felt stuck in looking for an authentic, right-living way to share it with the world.

This is for you if your worth and that vision won’t sit still anymore. This is for you if your life is telling you to get up and Do This Thing.  

Because I’m here in service to getting your unique light turned up BRIGHT. 

So the world can see you.

So those who need you can benefit and grow from your gifts. 

Yes, this is for you if you are ready to stop using the excuses of “I’m too sensitive”, “too emotional and scattered”, “it’s too hard”, “I don’t know enough”, “Im not ready yet”…

Let’s not wait any longer to follow this souls calling… The world needs you.

You need you, to show up and do what you’re here to do. 













And I’d love to help you



In this package I’ve included all the things I wish someone had offered me when I was starting out

Together we’ll find …


Your clear message

So you can communicate it to anyone anywhere and people will know straight away if you can help them or if they can refer their friends and family to you. We clarify your message here so it can be communicated easily and duplicated across all platforms.


Marketing mentoring on how to reach your favourite clients.

I’ll show you what you need to say and where. A clear template for writing your website content and marketing copy. And once you understand the basic structure of an article, a sales email or an offer to your clients, it is easy to create your marketing content on a regular basis.

Experienced Tech support to build it for you.

If there was One thing I’d say to you starting out… it is DELEGATE what you don’t love to do! We take the stress out of choosing the right apps, plugins and platforms out of your hands. We ensure security of your site is handled. This step will build your website platform for you. So you can spend your time getting better at what you love, enjoying your visions and your clients. Sweet relief.

Why you do what you do and for Who

What makes you unique, and who and what you love to serve. What makes you come alive and inspires you to create this work in the first place? Without knowing this, your website and marketing content won’t stand out from the crowd or speak to the people you want to work with.


Understand and embody the Alchemy of Creating your Business

In this step I will guide you through a systematic process of embodying the vision and the Who and What of your business, so you radiate it as naturally as breathing. This is the bedrock for our effortless creation of the website and your marketing content, and it is what magnetises your clients to you.



Well researched solutions to therapist specific needs

With a combined 30+ years building websites, and personal experience running a therapy business, we give you the benefit of all the best tested plugins, platforms and solutions to get your client-based business thriving. So you don’t need to research, test and invest in anything other than getting online, found and paid.

Many women I work with have had a big vision

for their work and life for Years.


They see themselves helping people they love and care about. Solving and soothing things they feel passionately connected to. Doing what their unique life experiences and skills have made them for. And making great money, living a lifestyle they love.

But often these women have postponed this vision while working in other jobs, parenting, living life. They’ve talked (passionately) with others about it, taken forays into trying to make it happen; they’ve run groups, given sessions, researched online platforms … and stalled when they came up against practical or emotional barriers. 

For each of these women, it’s when someone comes along who resonates with and believes in them, and who has the skills and practical know-how, that their big vision can finally become a reality.

I believe, because I know this for myself, that your dreams are a gift from your soul. They are Life’s way of pointing you in the direction of a life more true to your nature.

More relaxed in yourself, more devoted to what you love and know, and less to struggle and limitation.


Your dreams want realising, they want your commitment and passion.


They want to transform your life.

Amanda is a real powerhouse when it comes to mentoring. I had a deep prayer that my next web project would be in 100% alignment with who I am, no compromise. In mentor / clarity sessions, I felt that Amanda heard me, believed in me, and patiently, powerfully, pointed me in the direction of my own truth and clarity.
Working with Amanda, I felt I was in a sacred space, and I accessed gifts for myself and my business that I didn’t know were there. That actually blew me away.
With Amanda, I also feel supported, like she has my back. And that takes the edge of the overwhelm that inevitably comes when I’m creating something new (like my new coaching program or website).
Her support is priceless. I can confidently say that if you invest your time and money with her, you won’t regret a moment, nor a cent”
Yollana Shore

Kit and Caboodle Package

Why listen to Amanda?

As Creator and Director of Make My Therapy Site, Amanda brings 15 years experience in website creation and online business management for a healing centre, a market stall company and multiple online personal development leaders.

Through these roles, and in the process of running her own therapeutic business for women (called Wisdom Body), she has accumulated many years of on-the-ground practice in marketing, email automation, copy writing, website creation and facebook ads, etc to create healthy, thriving online brands.

Added to this, she is also a skilled Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (trained to work with trauma and sensitivity in the nervous system), a certified Essence Coach and member of faculty with the Essence School, and a bodyworker with over 15 years experience. 

Her passion is helping sensitive, empathic women to shine and experience their value in the world in a tangible way. Through her therapeutic touch and nervous system business and Make My Therapy Site work she has created support the for inner and outer expression of value for the clients she loves best.

 “Dear one, I’m passionate about helping you create an awesome website, awesome income, and to realise your dreams for a new world. Because your visions and dreams are worth following..” . 

So, what’s in the Kit and Caboodle Package?



Module 1 – Alchemy  

Work with the energy that creates worlds to create your online presence.

 This Module will guide you in how to:

– Effortlessly create your business from the inside out,

– Embody the Principles of Alchemy; Visioning, working with the Body/unconscious, and use of word and action. 

– Use alchemy to create your marketing copy, business team and attract the clients you love,

Work with and clear fears and blocks of being seen,

– Work with and clear blocks to charging good money for your services.

It includes a personalised Alchemy meditation (audio) specific to you and your business, and audios to guide you in creating from an Alchemical place from Go-to-Whoa. 

Why this is important for you

We live in a universe that is composed of energy, and our body, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, hopes and desires for our work in the world is part of that web. This Module will help you to tap into the intelligence in that web and create your business from this place. 

Kit and Caboodle Package

Module 2 – Marketing + Branding

Clear steps to creating a consistent and desirable brand and keep your clients attention in an authentic, heart centred way.

This Module will give you clear steps and all the hacks from Amanda’s 15 years of research and training in order to:

– Clarify your message (why you do what you do; your mission)

– Name your niche (who you serve),

– Clarifying the problem/s you work with (what you solve),

– Create a delicious brand with a consistent message, look and feel.

– Learn the Principles of heart centred marketing to help you reach your favourite clients without the ewww,

– Show you how to use your best “visual real-estate” to get and keep attention. 

Why this is important for you

Gaining my 15+ years of training, trial and error means you don’t have to invest the time or energy into learning marketing in-depth. I give you the short cuts and most important things I have found so you can do marketing that feels good to you and your clients. 

Kit and Caboodle Package

Module 3 – 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

Using nervous system, attachment and brain science, as well as 15 years of practical know-how and tools, these sessions are grounded, soulful, inspiring and fun. 

This module will help you make the leap from “building something ok” to “oh, my god, this is my dream come true!”, and it includes:

– 8 x 1hr+ Brainstorming, mentoring and work sessions, 

– Assistance to embody your gift and your offering,

– Setting the inner foundations and building the outer structures of your online presence,

– Assistance editing your website content; phrasing, flow, effectiveness in communicating your message,

 – Together we’ll write your most important website pages and social media profiles. Your hand will be held (as much as you need) and we’ll Get. It . Done.

– Therapeutic support to keep you moving out of freeze and into full-bodied creation,

– Fantastic if you have a history of trauma or are more empathetic and sensitive by nature and just generally work better when you’re working with a kind-ally to guide you.

–  These sessions include email contact before and after each mentoring session to create accountability and inspiration and so that our time together is most useful and efficient.

These sessions give you my 15 years experience as a VA (virtual assistant) and business manager as well as presence and tools in therapeutic ways of working with the brain and nervous system.

Kit and Caboodle Package
Why this is important for you:

As a nervous system therapist, I know how important 1:1 support is when we are creating, risking, stepping out of our comfort zones into something bigger and closer to our dreams. Many programs out there offering to help you build your therapy site are downloaded or group programs where your individual needs can get lost in the crowd or in procrastination. In-person support will help you to stay on task and create what you set out to create. Priceless!

Module 4 – Done-For-You Website

These are the practical/structural things myself and my team will set up for you:

Wordpress website

This includes: 

– Setting up your domain hosting (where the “content” of your site is housed),

– A WordPress website will be created for you, with your site pages; Home Page, About Page, Services, Booking page, Contact, Privacy and Legal, Blog etc

– Installation of theme appropriate to therapy/healers services (you will have a choice of a few great layouts and looks from the Divi Themes Library).

– Website calendar linked to your online calendar system,

– Security and backup systems

– SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so you get found via Google.

+ Access to our library of 100s of premium plugins to systematise your site and add any functions you may need such as new fonts, interactive social media buttons, seamless integration between your mailing systems and on-site pages, bookings apps, etc.


Email and Contacts Automation

This includes:

–  A Mailchimp account and sign-up sequence so you can gather the contact details of your prospective clients and stay in touch with them easily,

– Sign up forms on your website or social media pages,

– Website contact form linked to Mailchimp, 

– A webname email address (eg: [email protected])

Booking System

This includes:

– A Booking system automated through Bookly,

– Connection to PayPal to receive online payments from anywhere in the world,

– A once off payment (included in your package) that takes one of the most time consuming parts of your business out of your hands, FOREVER! 

A lot of popular booking apps are on a yearly payment plan of $350+ (which is CraZy!?), this system is a once off cost of $138 and is included in the price of this part of the package.

This will save you Lots of time and effort so you can have more time for your heart work and have more trips to the beach/spa/favourite snooze spot!




  • – An automated booking system that you pay for once and that takes one of the most time consuming parts of your business out of your hands, FOREVER!

    This will save you Lots of time and effort so you can have more time for your heart work, can stay in touch with many clients at once easily and have trips to the beach/spa/favourite snooze spot!

  • Your Facebook business page created for you:
    – Building your facebook presence or updating it with the marketing know-how I’ve gathered over 15 years will help you find and engage with your favourite clients, and bring them over to your email contacts lists


Facebook business page

This includes:

– Creation of your business page banner 

– Writing your page description and services listings,

– Building your facebook presence or updating it with the marketing know-how I’ve gathered over 15 years will help you find and engage with your favourite clients, and bring them over to your email contacts lists



We will help you create a Brand so that you have the same look across all your platforms. If you would like to do a more in-depth branding process, I have a wonderful designer I collaborate with, I can share her details with you.




  • – An automated booking system that you pay for once and that takes one of the most time consuming parts of your business out of your hands, FOREVER!



Consistent Graphics/branding

This includes:

– Implementing the steps taken in Module 2 and 3 to translate your brand over to your online platforms with a consistent colour scheme, “look” and story.

– Creation of business graphics such as banners, gifs, and recognisable designs that you can use as a logo or signature look across marketing and online platforms.   

Kit and Caboodle Package
Why this is important to you:

This Module is a wonderful time saver and relief bringer. It gives you access to my wonderful techie collaborator Chris Stewart of Administrivia. He has 15 years experience in strategy, operations and communications on the technical website/side of things.You can see more about him and the websites he has built here: Administrivia

Kit and Caboodle Package


Creating a unique program with your particular skill set around what you are most passionate to help people with, means clients can invest in you for deeper, more satisfying and long lasting results. And this means you can rest into the stability of a bigger income, smaller client load (if that’s what you wish) and more satisfying results with your favourite clients. 

Because I know how precious your time and energy is, this Bonus Gift is here to set up your services and income so that they are more reliable and more stable. So you feel deeply held to do your great work in the world.

So you and your clients can Shine bigger and deeper.




Kit and Caboodle Package
Kit and Caboodle Package


When you sign up for the Kit and Caboodle Mentoring Package you will also receive 8 x 1:1 Brain-Clear sessions to be used between your longer Mentoring sessions.

These mini phone sessions support your brain clarity during embodiment practices, writing and content creation and help you work better by offloading any “emotional storms” in the way of your clear thinking.

They are the difference between staring blankly at a screen for half a day, versus a short time on the phone, getting some great, heart aligned content down and off to the beach for the rest of the day!


Your investment:

Payment Plan

Au$450  Deposit

Then 4 x monthly payments of $444

Upfront Payment


What others have said…


“I have been less than ordinary at promoting myself and elevating myself in my work due to all sorts of edges I have found too challenging to navigate on my own. I wanted a website but instead what rattled around in me was a critic telling me I just could not do it, that a website would be too hard, that I’m not brave enough and not able to step publicly in to my work and gifts as a healer/therapist/professional and internet person.
I have started the process with Amanda’s incredible consult & … it turns out all I need to do for this website build is to mine the information from within… Amanda’s work is somatically, lovingly & encouragingly brilliant. Something can relax in me knowing she is there, here with her incredibly brilliant skillset extracting gold from me on what the work is, who it serves, and what feels most congruent to mention as a way of informing potential clients.
I feel a lot more confident to sing my own praise to the world”.
Rahima Lansdown

Therapeutic Nurturing

“It’s so nice to feel when a coach has really prepared for my session and thought about who I am and what I want. Made me feel so well taken care of. And she really listens. It’s so satisfying to feel properly heard. She totally kept up with everything I wanted to address and also contributed really useful guidance for moving forward. Sometimes I find coaches can get a bit stuck on things that don’t feel quite right to me but every single thing Amanda spoke to this morning felt absolutely spot on. She was super productive with making the most of the time we had. I love that kind of efficiency!
Anyway, I just feel compelled to post this right away because she really delivered a 5 star session. Thanks Amanda!


Aria Austin

Executive Soul

“Working with Amanda has helped me to overcome my insecurities and fears related to being in the public eye, especially as a first time business owner… without really trying too hard. It’s felt kinda effortless. The sessions have helped me to find my right size. My bigness where I need to be bigger and my smallness when I’m trying to expand beyond what I’m capable of. I think if I didn’t have these sessions I could get lost in what I imagine a business is s’posed to look like. I have a sense of being spirit-led, which is what I’m doing this for”.
Nawala Nightshade

Herbalist; Wytch of the Waste

Imagine going to sleep at night

with a huge smile on your face

because you love your work so much …


Imagine reaching your favourite clients and being paid

well to do the work you are most passionate about, every day.


And imagine the results your clients will have, the benefits to their own health,

their relationships, their children, work mates and the world?


The way your work together would impact the respect they have for the natural

world and their relationship to all of life?


How would that impact the world we live in?!


Can you see your clients’ shiny eyes, healthy bodies, and loving, open hearts?


Can you let that touch you?


Can you imagine what it would be like to play an active part in the awakening

of health and wholeness on this planet and in your own life?!

Does this sound good to you, dear one?

Are you ready to create the online foundations and structures so your heart can soar with the gifts you uniquely have to offer?


Is it worth, finally, investing in clear systems and funnels that make it easy for your clients to find you?

Easy for them to choose to work with you, pay you and just get on with doing this awesome work in the world?

I would love to help you set things up so that your income flows well and supports you to play this role in a balanced and nourished way.


This package is begun with a deposit of $450, with 4 x monthly payments of $445,

or one upfront payment of $2120

Payment Plan

Au$450  Deposit

Then 4 x monthly payments of $444

Upfront Payment


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I can't afford it right now?

I offer a payment plan for those without the immediate cash to pay upfront. This is a deposit of $450 and then 4 x monthly payments of $445. If you would like a more extended payment plan, please ask! You can contact me here.

What if I don't like the web layouts available?

Divi themes is a world leading theme developer with 87 pre-designed themes to choose from. The platform that we build your website on is also very intuitive and able to create individualised and unique looks easily. I have faith we will find or create something you love.

Can I see some of the theme options I will have if I buy this package?

Yes, here is the platform we use (with over 87 themes to choose from), and a highly intuitive interface to customise almost anything you want into your site.
> Divi Themes gallery

I already have a website on Wix/Squarespace etc.. Can I use this package to set up my site on Wordpress instead?

We can transfer your site over to the WordPress platform at a small additional fee. Please contact us here to discuss 

Can I go at my own pace or do you keep the website build to a tight timeline?

To be honest, I'm a woman, I work with women and I enjoy the cyclical nature of creation. For this reason I honour and delight in planning our schedule around menstruation (if you do that), family and work commitments, so our process is alive, organic and inspired by natural rhythms.

And, having said that, I will hold you accountable to the time agreements we make. We dont want to get floppy here. We wanna Create Stuff. Good Stuff.

So we feed it with good rest, good body and heart honouring and we keep the momentum going. To give you a ball park, this package tends to take 2 months to complete.

Can you create my website on a tight timeline?

If the creative Gods have tapped you on the shoulder and told you the time is NOW, please contact me directly to discuss your preferred timelines. There is much to plan and scheme, and fit in, my dear! I say yes to the Gods of readiness and let's see what we can make happen!

Please note: the sooner you contact me to discuss time lines, the more chance there is I can accomodate you. I can't guarantee fast pacing your site on short notice.

Do you write my content for me?

In the process of going through Module 1 and 2 (you personally and us together in your mentoring sessions), much of your website copy will be produced. I give you templates to format that copy for your web pages and I edit the content we create. My intention is that we create a website that sounds and feels like you.

Can I choose the designs/images on my site?

Yes, absolutely! You will have a hands on role in creating the look and layout of your site. We do the tricky bits and you do the fun "decorating" bits.

Does this package include my website images?

We will source up to 15 stock images to illustrate your business and services theme but we do recommend you also have some professional quality photos taken of yourself and your work which you will need to supply yourself.

Do you create a logo for me as part of this package?

Logo's can be tricky things! As in, for some, it's a simple clean process, for others it can be a deep dive into the meaning of life (their business), the universe and everything!

So, my answer in short is no. I do have a number of excellent online graphic designers I can refer you to who can do that for you for a small fee.

I don't know what my business name is, can you help me with that?

Yes! Absolutely.

Again. Module 1 and 2 will help you find your clarity and direction, and business names have a way of rising up singing out of that kind of ground.

Does the website we create allow for videos?

Yes-sir-ey!! All websites we create are fully responsive and allow for video formatting.

Will I need to learn any of the technical side of things if you are "doing-my-site" for me?

You will learn the basics of how your site is designed so that you can make changes, add blogs articles or new services when you need. You will be learning how to navigate and use the backend of your Wordpress website, yes, but will not need to understand the more techie details. If you have a strong desire to delegate all website contact to someone else, that is also possible. Let's talk.

Does Wordpress require ongoing security updates?

Answer coming soon ...

Is SEO part of the marketing strategy you implement?

Answer coming soon ...

Do you have a refunds policy?

If, in the first mentoring session, you realise this is not the right package or time for you, you will be refunded your money in full, minus $80 admin fee.
There are no refunds once we have commenced work on your website. 

Kit and Caboodle Package

Who this package isn't for.


This package isn't for you if: 

> You simply want an online business card,

> You don't have a burning dream to create a something beautiful for your life, the life of your clients and the world, 

> You're not willing to put in the time to create solid energetic foundations as well as taking the physical steps to get your work out there,

> You are not willing to be mentored and guided on the best platforms, plugins and widgets we have found from our combined 30+ years of building websites and brands online,

> You're not ready to invest in your dreams.


>> This Done-for-You, Mentoring and Marketing package will do a lot of the fiddly bits for you, but it will also require you to put aside time for the alchemy practices, writing, formatting your website, communicating with Amanda (your mentor) and familiarising with your booking and emails backend.


This is your investment in creating a stable and secure

foundation for you to rest into in the years to come.

It will amplify your voice, your particular mission, so the world can see

and hear you, and Find you wherever you are.



Still have questions?


No worries! I’m committed to making sure you feel really settled and have all your questions answered.

You’ve got 2 options.

1. Send your question via this contact form:

3 + 8 =

2. Schedule a free chat on this button.