Do you find the mere thought of making your therapy site gets you all scramble-heady? It might be because you’re going to the action steps before you get clear on your Why and your Vision.. or what you want to feel, first.

Many folk, when they start to build their therapy website and promotions look first (and rather stressfully.. because it’s often a big unknown world) for the action steps to get them to a finished website. They look at how they’re gonna build it or get it built for them, they look at layouts, costs, photo’s, platforms, words, pages.. they get very quickly into the nitty gritty. And this often makes them STRESSED.
But, the way I see it, the process of getting online with something that Feels Really Good for you, (and brings you all the clients you want) is a much more internal process at the beginning, and can be a much yummier process as you go.
Let me explain…
When you want to build your online presence and platforms for promotion, you gotta start with your Why.. With what you want to feel, what you want to create, what kind of lifestyle you are dreaming up for yourself.
Building a website is a BIG undertaking, there’s no doubt. So you want to get your Why and your commitment nice and clear. So, to do this, we start with getting really clear on your Vision.
I see your vision as the foundation for what you will create, that will inform the way you go about taking action steps.
Are you jumping into Action too soon?

And… If you have a vision without really connecting to it in your body and then go about finding the action steps to take (using your mind/information) without staying in touch with the feeling of that vision, it can quickly become a very dry and difficult process.. & take longer & feel worse.
The way you interact with your vision all the way through is Crucial for what you end up with. Cause what you will end up with (if you’ve stayed in touch with the Felt-sense of your vision) will then Feel like your vision.
Sounds awesome, eh?

I’m building a video series to help lead you through the process of connecting to your vision for your business and your online presence, so you can carve your own way, reach out to your clients in a way that’s authentic for You and so you can really, Actually ENJOY the process of getting your precious therapy gifts online and findable by your favourite clients.

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Let’s get you Thriving!!

With zinging love,


Done-for-you (relief)
Hand holding (calm)
Mentoring (clarity + efficiency)
Giggle-dancing (fun)
And celebrating your Gifts (joy!)