Brain Storming Sessions

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Got a website but feel stuck and unsure what’s next?


These 1:1 Brainstorming sessions are efficient, full-bodied Creation-Stations!


If you’re feeling stuck or simply ready to rock it, these one-off sessions are for you. 

This is for you if you have started the process of building your online presence. Your website is nearly done, your marketing on it’s way and you’re ready for a kick-start to get things clear, complete and aligned.

They are for you if you don’t need a whole website built but you do need help. Each session includes pre and post session emails, trainings and accountability follow-up.

These sessions are designed to get in and Get Stuff Done.



Choose from 1 or 2hrs of embodiment mentoring & coaching.

  In person (in Ocean Shores, northern NSW) or online on video conferencing.

1hr $120

2hr $240 

If you’re feeling stuck or simply ready to rock it, these one-off sessions are for you. 


Brain Storming sessions

“What impresses me the most about Amanda’s coaching is her ability to empathically get where you are and speak to your now. She offers coaching that relates to what you need in your life and leaves you with an action plan to move forward“​

Rod Williams

Rods Rocking Research

“I love my coaching calls with Amanda. She has the amazing gift to get past the surface layers and straight to the root cause. What I love best is her ability to, after that gold is identified, to help you embody a new way to get you moving in your life from that moment forward.”

Nin Dwahla

"I wish I knew about your services earlier!"

“The video (instructions) you sent me were so helpful and easy to understand!! 

I’ve already added photos. I can’t believe how long I got stuck

not to be able to add photos to my website.

I wish I knew about your services earlier!!


–  Yuki Nishino; My Heart Blossoms




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