Are you getting “crickets” rather than paying customers when you do your promotions? Here are 3 things that may be getting in the way of a prospective client saying “Yes please, I want to work with you..Take My Money NOW!!

1. You lead with your modalities

Many therapists and coaches start their marketing with a list of the modalities they offer and don’t talk enough about what the client will specifically get and benefit from in working with them.

                 I get you’ve done your trainings.. You’ve qualified here and qualified there. You’ve given

                 your time, energy and money to gaining these skills. You’re IMPRESSIVELY Certified!!


But I want to break something to you…


People don’t care so much WHAT you do with them, as how successful you are in helping them go where they want to go and feel what they want to feel.


Clients don’t invest in your modalities, but in YOU. In the trust and relationship you can build with them, and in the journey you can take them on.


Carl Roger, founder of Person Centered Psychotherapy outlined three essential ingredients of a successful therapeutic relationship – unconditional positive regard, genuineness and empathy. Note.. he didn’t list tools and techniques.

A prospective client may be looking for a particular modality they’ve heard has worked for others in a similar position, but if you can prove that your approach works well, most clients will be willing to try your bells and whistles. And if you can build rapport in your marketing.. Most clients will try your thing, and love you for it from the beginning!


So. In short.
If it were just down to a Modality-off (who has the most modalities) between you and other therapists/ coaches.. You’d be on an endless round of up-skilling, or charging cheaper than your competition because your list of qualifications aren’t as long. It’s not a great thing to base your “stand-out from the crowd-ness” on.
It’s so much easier to be yourself (attract people because of who you are, rather than what you do) and market with your knowing as a way to attract the people you love to work with.

Hot tip: Don’t outsource your desirability to your modalities. Connect with your prospective clients through naming who they are, talking about Them and how you understand their situation. Follow with some trust building “I have this qualification and this experience to show you can trust me”, and then Use the steps below.

2.. You don’t reference the client and the clients experience in your marketing copy.


When we’re at Therapist (coach/healer) School, we learn how to work with others, we learn tools for helping people through their blocks and getting them more healthy/vibrant/happy & aligned. This is awesome and, obviously, what we are here to Do.

We don’t usually, however, learn (unless you went to The Really Cool Therapists School) how to share ABOUT those tools and skills in a way that connects with your reader without sounding like everybody else from Therapists School. (“I have an MBA in counselling, specialising in every condition you can name because I’m open and available like that”)

Hot tip: Get clear WHO you work with, what they are longing for, or suffering with, and how you can help them get there. Don’t try to serve everyone. The more you can show you want to work with a particular client group (eg. single mums who want to date again but need help with their body image) and you know how to help them, the more that client group will prick up their ears, “listen” to what you have to say and be willing to give you their time and money.

For example, instead of “We help with weight loss and self confidence for all walks of life”.

You can say: “Single parenting and looking for love can be a tricky mix, especially when your confidence went for a dive after the relationship break-up. This compassionate and effective series of session will help you balance your kids needs, your needs and have your self-confidence back and humming.. So love can come find You and it doesn’t have to be another thing on your “to-do” list”


You see how you can use describing their situation as a way to show you know what they are living with? This will help build trust.. Which is the first step in converting a prospective client to a client.


And now

…. The third mistake that may be stopping people becoming your clients?


3. You don’t put a call to action in your marketing copy…

You can do so much good connecting, sharing, inspiring and trust building, but if you don’t invite your reader to take an action, often they will be left with a nice feeling and move on to the next shiny object/moment/thing.

Hot Tip: Get clear what one main action you want your reader to take and Always invite them to do that with an easy to click button or link.


For example, if you want to spread the message about a promotion, ask your reader to share with 2 friends and give them a social media sharing button to click,
If you want your reader to take an action related to an article you’ve written, ask them to reply, book in or save the date for a future event.


Of course, people won’t always take the action you invite them to take. But they will be much more likely to if you lay it out nice and clear and give them the clickable buttons to do so.


People usually want to find experts they can trust. They want to know you know where to go, what the first step is, what the pitfalls might be and how to get there in good time. They want you to show you are not afraid to lead.

So lead them! Make a clear path for them to work with you.. Because that’s where your presence will benefit them most, won’t it??


Ok, so here is my call to action for you..

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3 mistakes therapists make in marketing that stops people becoming clients