Make My Therapy Site

Website + Marketing Mentoring for Healers

Make My Therapy Site

Website + Marketing Mentoring for Healers


If you’re a therapist, coach or healer who needs a website and

more clients rolling in, you’re in the right place!


1:1 Mentoring

Clear steps + compassionate guidance to create your website, marketing and dream business. Includes programs, brainstorming and mini brain-clear sessions to make website and marketing creation a joy.



Have your online structures and systems set up for you so you can focus on being available for your favourite clients and doing what you love. Don’t waste any more time, let someone else do it for you.

Let me reassure you…

That you can stay in your Sweet Spot

  • You can create your website in a way that feels fun, deeply connected and heart aligned.
  • You can create marketing funnels that bring your favourite clients and income in, without feeling smarmy or icky-salesy
  • It can be straight forward and human and You.

Because you don’t need to flounder…


> In technological realms you don’t understand (or, *ahem*, want to understand).

> You don’t need to wait for some magic star-blessed moment for things to take off.

> There IS a clear and systematic way to get your practical website and marketing foundations in place..  

> You don’t need to do it alone or figure it all out,

> And there IS a way to do it while staying in touch with your Sweet Spot thing-that-you-Love, 


Getting Started is Easy

1. Take the Diagnostic Quiz

This Free quiz will help you find what you need to get out of overwhelm or Stuckness, and exactly what kind of business and online presence you want to build.


2. Free 20-30 Min Chat

Together we clarify where you are now and where you want to be. You will be given a diagnostic map for your journey from here, including the practical and the internal work needed to create your ideal online presence.

3. Get Started!

If I’m the right person to work with you, I will offer you practical, emotional and energetic support to get you started and your website and business rocking!

My Approach

Part practical coaching, part alchemy + part nervous system whispering, I’m here to help you create an online Healers presence and a lifestyle that is you.

As a business manager and virtual assistant as well as nervous system therapist and committed inner world traveller myself for the last 20 years, I bridge between website design/marketing and the world of healers and wellbeing experts in a way that is human, soulful and systematised.

If you know that you need a website so more clients can find you, I’m passionate about getting you online as simply and enjoyably as possible. And I love bringing attachment and nervous system science into how we build your online presence, so that the process and result is connected, creative, empowered and spiritual at its core.

“I feel my cannots, wont’s and must not’s melting in to pure possibility and potentiality. I’m so excited to work with you. So much trust for your way of cultivating productivity …. feels so human”.

Rahima Lansdown

"I have a sense of being Spirit-led"

"Amanda's work is somatically, lovingly & encouragingly brilliant".


"I have been less than ordinary at promoting myself in my work due to all sorts of edges I have found too challenging to navigate on my own. I wanted a website but instead had a critic telling me I just could not do it, that a website would be too hard, that I'm not brave enough and not able to step publicly in to my work and gifts as a healer/therapist/professional and internet person. I have started the process with Amanda's incredible consult & ... it turns out all I need to do for this website build is to mine the information from within... Amanda's work is somatically, lovingly & encouragingly brilliant. Something can relax in me knowing she is here with her incredibly brilliant skill set. I feel a lot more confident to sing my own praise to the world"

- Rahima Lansdown, Therapeutic Nurturing


"Every single thing Amanda spoke to felt absolutely spot on".


"It’s so nice to feel when a coach has really prepared for my session and thought about who I am and what I want. Made me feel so well taken care of. And she really listens. It’s so satisfying to feel properly heard. She totally kept up with everything I wanted to address and also contributed really useful guidance for moving forward. Sometimes I find coaches can get a bit stuck on things that don’t feel quite right to me but every single thing Amanda spoke to this morning felt absolutely spot on. She was super productive with making the most of the time we had. I love that kind of efficiency! Anyway, I just feel compelled to post this right away because she really delivered a 5 star session. Thanks Amanda!"

Aria Austin - Executive Soul


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